Colloidal Silver 16 oz.
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Colloidal Silver 16 oz.

Some of the many ways to use Colloidal Silver

Cold and Flu remedy

(follow directions)


  • Spray onto surfaces or add a few drops to leftovers
  • Rines and Spray vegetables, fruits grains and meat before storage
  • Spray or rinse sprouts
  • Spray storage areas, interior of frig , garbage containers, picnic tables
  • Spray on cutting boards, sponges and dish cloths
  • Add to dishwater

First Aid:

  • Spray on bandaids
  • Spray on razor cuts
  • Spray between toes, in groin area, or any area that itches


  • use in water bowls and baths
  • Use with eyedropper as an "eyewash"


  • Soak dentures
  • Sterilize toothbrushes
  • Add to bathwater, douches and colonics
  • Soak/spray combs, brushes and loofas
  • Spray bath and shower mats
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