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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Colloidal Silver?

It is a colloid consisting of silver particles suspended in liquid.

How Does Silver Colloid Work?

Silver blocks an enzyme on the cell wall that germs require for metabolism and survival. The colloid acts specifically to disable this enzyme which is common to many viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. It does not affect enzymes required for tissue cells in the body.

What Are Some of the Medical Uses of Silver Colloid?

Research shows that silver promotes the production of new cells which increases the rate of healing in both wounds and regeneration of whole areas of skin.

What Are the Benefits of Colloidal Silver?

Benefits Associated with Silver Colloid Solutions include the following:  antibacterial agent, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, used in wound care, promotes skin health, soothes and heals pink eyes & styes, clears up ear infections, relief for sinusitis, used for colds/flu and sore throats, destroys bacteria associated with pneumonia, used to help with arthritis and asthma, helpful to the lymphatic system, boosts the immune systems, fights bacteria associated with urinary tract infections, removes plaque, soothes itching skin, cools and promotes healing for sunburns, relief for bug bites, clears up mange in animals,  kills mold around the home, cleans a variety of things around the house such as grills, tools, and tabletops, keeps fruit ripe and so much more!

Watch the live interview below of Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Dr. Gerald M. Lemole on the Dr. Oz Show discussing the anti-bacterial uses of colloid silver. Remember to use the back arrow to click back and order your colloid silver products. 

Dr. Oz & Gwyneth Paltrow Video Discussing Anti-Bacterial Uses of Colloid Silver Spray

Dr. Oz & Dr. Gerald M. Lemole Video Discussing Benefits of Colloid Silver.

Thera-Silver Cold & Flu
Comes in a 4 oz. bottle
Colloidal Silver Gel 4 oz.
Also available in 8oz Ingredients Vegetable glycerin ,50ppm collidal silver
Colloidal Silver Spray
Available in 2 oz. and 4 oz. Sizes
Colloidal Silver Spray-4 oz.
4 oz. Size
Colloidal Silver 4 oz.
Also available in 2,8,16,32 & 128 oz.
Colloidal Silver 8 oz.
Also available in 2,4,16,32 & 128 oz.
Colloidal Silver 16 oz.
Also available in 2,4,8,32 & 128 oz.
Colloidal Silver 32 oz.
Also available in 2,4,8,16 & 128 oz.