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What is Colloidal Silver? - Colloidal Silver FAQ

Bringing you some important information regarding Colloidal Silver based on frequently asked questions from customers who use Colloidal Silver to those wondering what Colloidal Silver is.

What is Colloidal Silver?:Colloidal Silver is a colloid consisting of silver particles suspended in liquid.

How does Colloidal Silver Work?:Silver blocks an enzyme on the cell wall that germs require for metabolism and survival. The colloid acts specifically to disable this enzyme which is common to many viruses, fungui, bacteria and parasites. It does not affect enzymes required for tissue cells in the body.

Medical uses for silver:Since 1884, a dilute of silver nitrate solution has been placed in the eyes of newborn infants; virtually eliminating a disease that caused blindness in newborns. In 1884 Dr. F. Crede-a German obstetrician-was the first to try this solution.

Colloidal simply means;A suspension of ultra-fine particles of one substance, suspended by an electrical charge in another substance. With colloidal silver, ultra-fine particles of silver are suspended in water.

The importance of colloidal: The body's most important fluids, the blood and lymph are colloidal in nature. Therefore, it's easier for the body to use and assimilate a colloidal substance.

In 1968, silver was combined with sulfadiazine to produce a drug that is fifty times more powerful than sulfadiazine on it's own. It has become the most widely used drug for treating burns and wounds.

Research shows that silver promotes the production of new cells; this increases the rate of healing in both wounds and bone. Regeneration of whole areas of skin has been accomplished with silver treatments.

It is the opinion of many that having sufficient silver in the body is akin to having a second immune system. Fortunately, we are remembering the wonder cure that time forgot, Colloidal Silver. This old germ fighter is in new form, electro-colloidally made and even more effective than in the past. --Tonita d' Raye, from her book, "Remembering the Wonder Cure Time Forgot

What is Colloidal Silver? When asking what is Colloidal Silver you should take into account it's many medical benefits as it blocks many bacteria and virus which try to harm the body. What is Colloidal Silver in relationship to our body? Colloidal Silver acts like a second immune system helping to prevent illness along with your body's defenses.

Thera-Silver Cold & Flu
Comes in a 4 oz. bottle
Colloidal Silver Gel 4 oz.
Also available in 8oz Ingredients Vegetable glycerin ,50ppm collidal silver
Colloidal Silver Spray
Available in 2 oz. and 4 oz. Sizes
Colloidal Silver Spray-4 oz.
4 oz. Size
Colloidal Silver 4 oz.
Also available in 2,8,16,32 & 128 oz.
Colloidal Silver 8 oz.
Also available in 2,4,16,32 & 128 oz.
Colloidal Silver 16 oz.
Also available in 2,4,8,32 & 128 oz.
Colloidal Silver 32 oz.
Also available in 2,4,8,16 & 128 oz.